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History of the Wedding Cake
The origins of the tradition of the wedding cake date back to medieval times, when each guest at a wedding was supposed to bring a small cake, the cakes would be stacked on the table in levels and layers. If the bride and groom were able to kiss over the top of the stack it was considered good luck. These cake stacks would eventually merge into one cake and evolve into the modern wedding cake.

Sweets are traditional at many celebrations for most if not all cultures worldwide. Ancient Roman records detail sweets distributed at weddings. The book "Folklore Myths and Legends of Britain" details the ancient Roman practice of dropping a wedding cake on the head of the bride. Medieval and Renaissance resources also mention large cakes at weddings. Such cakes may have been fruitcake.

Wedding Cake Trivia - Did You Know?

  • The tiered design of the wedding cake originates from the tiered spire of a well known medieval church in London, England, called St Bride's.
  • Henry VIII of England enacted a law specifying the quantity of sugar a cake may have, possibly to control or tax this prevailing convention.
  • During World War II, sugar was rationed in Great Britain, so icing could not be made and cakes were reduced in size. To overcome this, cakes were often served inside a box decorated with plaster of Paris to resemble a larger traditional cake.
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Big Momma's Bakery & Cafe
Serving Kansas City Area
11559 E. 63rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64113


McLain's Bakery
Serving Kansas City Area
7422 Womall Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64114


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